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Import from China to the European Union

Imports from China to the European Union have increased dramatically in recent years. China and the European Union are the two largest traders in the world. Trade turnover of 1 billion euros per day.

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EU imports from China

Much of the EU’s imports from China are finished products. The EU wants open and fair trade relations with China, which imports consumer goods, machines, equipment, clothing, shoes and many industrial goods.

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Import from China to the European Union?

Send us prints, pictures and specifications or a prototype of the product you want to import from China.

Through our sources in China, we will find a reliable manufacturer who can produce your product and will provide you with a quote for whatever you want to import from China, prices are quoted directly in China, with freight delivered to the nearest customs port.

Once you’re ready to proceed, place an order for the production order that is subject to sample approval.

The plant would then provide you with a sample for approval prior to manufacturing the production lot. If you approve the sample, a deposit would be sent to the factory for the production run and your order would be placed with the option of a third-party quality inspection.

The dispatch takes place. You must use the services of a local customs broker to clear the shipment through the customs office in your country. Basically, we take the shipment from China to the nearest port (e.g. Vienna, London, etc.) while your broker brings the products you want to import from China to your home from the port.

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